Designed to Drive Loan Servicing Performance Globally

All of Capital Servicing's loan servicing operations utilize SCORE (Servicing Company Operating and Reporting Engine), one of the most advanced asset management and loan servicing systems in the industry. SCORE allows us to efficiently manage NPL and performing loans on a single system and centrally warehouses all asset data, providing accurate, timely and consistent reporting to international standards.

Web-based with a multi-lingual user-friendly interface, SCORE was specifically designed with the vision of providing global servicing capabilities. SCORE has the ability to manage client investments through the lifecycle of the loan and can not only seamlessly manage various performing asset classes but also assets that are acquired as either distressed debt, non-performing loans, or as Real Estate Owned (REO). SCORE handles all aspects of loan administration, cash management and delinquency management and has robust loan setup features allowing front end setup of loans. SCORE's strength is its powerful asset management module to track work out status, business plans, cash projections, complex litigation, foreclosures and property level details and valuation history.

SCORE's Business Intelligence (B.I.) module powered by Cognos™ provides rapid data extraction and efficient reporting so that any serviced loan asset criteria could be gathered and easily analyzed for any historic accounting period. This technology permits customized reporting, allowing users to attain the precise information they want to view without having to sort through information they do not need.

SCORE fully supports servicing of the following asset classes:

  • Performing and Non-Performing Loans (Commercial, Residential, Hospitality)
  • Structured Mortgage Loans
  • Conduit Loans
  • Real Estate Investments
  • Real Estate Owned
  • Consumer Finance Loans

General System Features

  • Multi-language
  • Multi-currency
  • Scorecard - daily summary of critical tasks
  • Dynamic role based security
  • Customizable reference codes and pull downs to accommodate local process variances
  • Multiple compliance and audit controls
  • Precise reporting - standard and customized reports and query with SCORE's business intelligence engine
  • Online help & policies and procedures
  • Custom alerts and task manager

Special Servicing Features

  • Multiple loan, borrower and property environment
  • Detailed legal tracking
  • Easy to use templates and tools for NPL asset boarding
  • Borrower contact logs
  • On-line policies and procedures
  • Loan and collateral collection application
  • Surveillance and management reports
  • Detailed expense tracking
  • Default interest accrual
  • Business plans for cash flow projection and approval
  • Loan write-downs and balance adjustments

Primary Servicing Features

  • Flexible amortization calculator for scenario simulations
  • Sophisticated delinquency escalation module integrated with contact log
  • Customizable letter templates and phone scripts at both program and loan level
  • Flexible payment term setup through calculation patterns
  • Ability to track reserves and escrow accounts at the loan level
  • Ability to handle insurance billing and calculations
  • Third party billing and payment processing
  • Loan modifications
  • Supports loan sales and securitizations Index maintenance
  • Interest and payment review
  • Flexible late fee calculation and billing
  • Multiple calendar support
  • Custom alerts and task managers
  • Automated billing
  • Bulk loan upload and maintenance
  • Automated loan acceptance for originated loans