Highest Ranked Independent Servicing Platform in Asia

Capital Services’s servicing operations have been highly ranked by multiple independent rating agencies since 2001. Capital’s Japan servicing operation has been affirmed with Standard & Poor's highest possible ranking for special servicing since 2006, and has also been highly ranked as a primary servicer since 2007.

Rating agencies assess all aspects of a servicer's operations including management and organization, servicing track record, staff experience, investor reporting capabilities, systems, internal controls, and financial position, among others. As such, they represent an objective and independent measure of the strength of our company.

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Commercial Special Servicer

S&P Rankings Japan 2012

Commercial Primary Servicer

Standard & Poor's Japan 2010



Fitch Ratings' Ranking Highlights

  • A highly efficient special servicing operation; collection performance of Capital is equal to or better than that of peer players
  • Flexible and well-integranked asset management system which can service performing and non-performing loans on a single platform
  • Systems designed to provide global investors with highly reliable services

Standard & Poor's Ranking Highlights

  • A strong servicing track record
  • Strong servicing experience of its management team and other employees
  • Detailed and comprehensive policies & procedures
  • An excellent computer system that boosts operational efficiency
  • Ability to report to investors, trustees and other relevant parties

The Fitch scale for Commercial Special Servicers (CSS) and Residential Special Servicers (RSS) is from one to five (with “one” being the highest). Each ranking can have a plus or minus.

Standard and Poor’s  use a five point scale from "Strong" to "Weak", with "Above Average" being the second highest ranking.