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1-12-32 Akasaka, Minato-ku
Tokyo 107-6031 Japan

Our Values

Capital Servicing Principles

At Capital Servicing Co., Ltd, we seek to build successful and enduring businesses for us and our clients by delivering innovative, timely, and workable solutions. With this in mind, we abide by these principles.

1. Evolve - Many of the businesses we have now are quite different from the ones we had ten years ago, and these may again be quite different in the future. One of the key features of the Capital Servicing business has been the capability of its people to master their domains, then adapt with the markets and shifting opportunities, innovating new approaches.

2. Cooperate - Our achievements to date have been collaborations between our staff, group companies, advisors, and clients. Capital Servicing fosters a culture where the ideals of respect, teamwork, discipline, and relentless high performance allow us to attract and retain talented people, and where we build trust with clients through honest interaction, straight dealing, and providing results.

3. Participate - Capital Servicing should be, and be seen as, a responsible market participant. To do this, we follow the letter and spirit of the laws, regulations, and Capital Service’s internal rules, and are guided by our Code of Conduct -- providing products and services suitable and in the best interest of clients.