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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporations cannot exist purely for the pursuit of profits. Even if this were desirable, it would not be sustainable. Capital Servicing (“Capital”) recognizes that to achieve true sustainable growth and profitability, corporations need to be aware of and contribute to the societies of which they are a part.

To this end, Capital recognizes the importance of understanding who our Stakeholders are, and of understanding who is affected by our business and how. Our Stakeholders include: 

  • Our Clients and their Customers
  • Our Employees
  • Our Shareholders
  • Our Business Partners
  • Our service providers including banks, insurance agencies and vendors
  • Government regulators
  • Industry Associations
  • Opinion leaders and news media
  • The communities that we do business in and the public at large

Capital is actively involved in the community through our Community Action Program (“CAP”), which seeks to improve the quality of life for fellow citizens, particularly those in need, in countries where Capital does business, or in employees’ home countries. We achieve these goals by prioritizing initiatives where barriers to employee participation are low and the most good can be done within available resources.