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1-12-32 Akasaka, Minato-ku
Tokyo 107-6031 Japan

Declaration of Privacy Policy
ARK Mori Building 31F, 1-12-32 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Capital Servicing Co., Ltd.
Representative Director Daniel Shireman


Declaration of Privacy Policy

Capital Servicing Co., Ltd., operating as a loan servicing firm, will endeavor to protect personal information that we will do our utmost to observe the Japanese Act on the Protection of Personal Information and other relevant statutes. To enforce this in our day-to-day operations, we will follow the guidelines below:

1. Due and proper acquisition of personal information
In acquiring personal information, we will define the business purposes for its utilization, and acquisition will be done in a due and proper manner and only within the bounds necessary for achieving the business purposes.

2. Utilization purpose of personal information
We will not utilize personal information inappropriately and will utilize acquired personal information for the business purposes below but never utilize such information without consent of the principal of such information:

  • Servicing works on Specified Monetary Claims
  • Purchasing of non-Specified Monetary Claims
  • Administrative service business
  • Collection agency businesses
  • Succeeding the position of a group credit life insurance contractor including servicing of its insurance premium afterward and preparing group credit life insurance reports
  • Asset liquidation and securitization relevant businesses (Specified corporate bond relevant businesses)
  • Servicer reporting businesses
  • Businesses on administrative and general affairs, personnel affairs, accounting, IT supporting and internal auditing
  • Servicer consulting businesses
  • Purchase, Sale and Brokerage Businesses for Specified Monetary Claims
  • Due Diligence Business and Administrative Representation of Claim Transfer
  • Intermediary business of money lending
  • Administration agency business for lending operations
  • Arrangement business concerning the securitization of assets

3. Securing safety and integrity of personal information
We will take the following Security Measures to ensure the safety and integrity of personal information. For details, please contact the Personal Information Inquiry Counter.

  • We will formulate basic policies for appropriate handling of personal information specifying (i) to observe the Japanese Act on the Protection of Personal Information and other relevant statutes including these guidelines and (ii) to respond to inquiries and indications.
  • We will formulate (i) the Personal Information Protection Rules that stipulate handling manners, responsible persons, persons in charge, and their duties which are laid out according to the respective levels of acquisition, usage and retention, provision, deletion, and disposal of personal information, (ii) the handling rules at the stage of managing outsourced companies and responding to leaks.
  • Organizational Security Measures will be responsible for (i) assigning the head of Personal Information Protection, the Personal Information Management Officer, and the Personal Information Protection Manager of each department responsible for personal data, etc., and clarifying their roles and responsibilities, etc., (ii) developing a system for reporting to manager if any matter or its sign in violation of laws or rules are identified, and (iii) manage the handling status of personal data in the Personal Information Books and perform regular self-inspections and audits.
  • Human Security Measures will be responsible for (i) regularly conducting internal training for employees, including precautions regarding the handling of personal data, and provide thorough dissemination of security control actions to employees and their education and training, (ii) concluding contracts on non-disclosure of personal data with employees, (iii) clarifying employees’ roles and responsibilities, etc., (iv) confirming employees’ compliance with personal data management procedures.
  • Physical Security Measures will be responsible for (i) managing entry and exit in areas where personal data is handled, (ii) implementing measures to prevent unauthorized persons from browsing personal data, (iii) managing devices, electronic media, documents, etc. that handle personal data by locking and setting passwords, (iv) taking measures to prevent theft and loss, and (v) taking measures to prevent personal data from being easily revealed when carrying the devices, etc.
  • Technological Security Measures will be responsible for (i) identifying and authenticating personal data users, (ii) controlling access and setting up management classifications for personal data, (iii) managing access authority for personal data, (iv) setting up preventative measures against leakage and damage to personal data, (v) recording and analyzing access to personal data, (vi) recording and analyzing operational status of information systems handling personal data, (vii) monitoring and auditing information system handling personal data.
  • Security Measures will put in place measures to ensure the understanding of the relevant local legal and regulatory environment in order to protect personal information in a foreign country, if personal data is stored in a foreign country.

4. Supervision of employees
We will conduct training seminars for our board members and employees to understand well the importance of personal information and to appropriately manage the safety of it.

5. Supervision of vendors
When we entrust the handling of personal information to outside vendors, we will select entities that can observe our Personal Information Protection Policy, and supervise them in their handling of such information. Should the task be further entrusted, we will supervise those vendors as well to ensure appropriate handling of the information.

6. Disclosure on personal data we hold, etc.
When the principal requests disclosure, correction, amendment, deletion, suspension of use or erasure regarding the personal data we hold and the records we provided to third parties, we will respond by a letter or sending a CD-R (including DVD-R) in accordance with the requirements of the law, provided, that we will require identification of the principal (in accordance with our internal procedures) or, in the case of agents, proof of agency as defined in ordinances; furthermore, in case of correction, amendment, deletion etc., official papers evidencing the new data will be required. Fees for disclosure will be JPY 3,000 (inclusive of consumption tax). For details, please contact the Personal Information Inquiry Counter.

7. Compliance program
In order to promote the protection of personal information and appropriate administration thereof, we have developed a compliance program to provide training and supervision to employees. As laws and circumstances on these issues evolve, we will routinely update these programs.

Personal Information Inquiries Counter
TEL: 03-6230-5542
Business hours: Monday to Friday, 9:30 to 17:00 (excluding bank holidays and Year End and New Year's holidays)
Fax: 03-6230-5220


Postal Inquiries:
ARK Mori Building 31F
1-12-32 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 107-6031 Japan
Capital Servicing Co., Ltd.
Privacy Policy Inquiries Counter

Company Overview
  • Registered Address
ARK Mori Building 31F, 1-12-32 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo
  • Website
  • Representative Director
Daniel Shireman
  • Established
September 24, 1998
  • Paid in Capital
  • License
Servicer License #23 issued by the Ministry of Justice
Money Lending Business Intermediary License
  • Offices
Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya
  • S&P Global Rating
Commercial Special Servicer “Strong with a Stable Outlook”
Basic Policy for Appropriately Handling Specific Personal Information
ARK Mori Building 31F, 1-12-32 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Capital Servicing Co., Ltd.
Representative Director Daniel Shireman


Basic Policy Concerning Appropriately Handling Specific Personal Information

We hereby enact the basic policy to ensure that we appropriately handle specific personal information, etc. as an organization.

1. Compliance of Related Laws and Regulations/Guidelines, etc.
We shall appropriately handle specific personal information in compliance with “Act on the Use of Numbers to Identify a Specific Individual in the Administrative Procedure”, “Act on the Protection of Personal Information”, and “Guidelines to Appropriately Handle Specific Personal Information (for Employers)”.

2. Security Control Measures
We have a separately defined “Specific Personal Information Handling Policy” for our security control measures for specific personal information. For details, please contact the Contact Point for Counseling on Personal Information.

Contact Point for Counseling on Personal Information
Should you have any question or complaint on our handling approaches to specific personal information, please contact the following number:

TEL: 03-6230-5542
Telephone Contactable Hours: 9:30 to 17:00, Mondays to Fridays
(excluding public holidays and year-end and new-year holidays)
FAX: 03-6230-5220

Postal Inquiries:
Ark Mori Building 31F
1-12-32 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 107-6031 Japan
Capital Servicing Co., Ltd.
Counseling Contact Point for Personal Information

Capital Portfolio Services, LLC
Capital Services Group - North America
Business Continuity Plan

Fully Functional DR Site Ensures Business Continuity

Capital Servicing (“Capital”) has an extensive business continuity plan, a cornerstone of which is the maintenance of a fully functional disaster recovery (DR) site in a remote location.

This DR site ensures that Capital is protected in the event of a catastrophic event (earthquake, fire, etc.) adversely affecting operations at our Tokyo headquarters. Equipped with network enabled PCs and secure remote access capability, it has full access to all critical systems and files, among other features so business operations can continue. Data is replicated daily and stored at the DR site and is also delivered to a secure data repository managed by a professional data storage company for dual layers of protection.

The site is tested annually to ensure it is “warm” (ready to go) and can be up and running within 24 hours, if necessary. The scope for this annual test includes all business-critical applications and non-critical services deemed important for business continuity and is tested by dedicated management and business resumption team members who are appointed to take necessary actions should a disaster occur.

Primary Servicing

Industry Leader in Servicing Commercial and Residential Mortgage Loans Including Securitizations

Capital Servicing (“Capital”) is recognized as the industry leader in servicing commercial and residential mortgage loans for international institutional investors. Highly rated by Standard & Poor's in Japan as a primary servicer, Capital has extensive experience servicing securitized loans, structured mortgage loans and conduit loans which include 19 CMBS and 5 RMBS transactions in Japan totaling over JPY 515 billion.

Our primary servicing teams work closely with our asset management teams for seamless transfer of loans that default and fall into special servicing. SCORE allows us to efficiently manage performing and non-performing loans on a single integrated system and centrally warehouses all asset data, providing accurate, timely and consistent reporting to international standards.

S&P’s evaluation emphasized Capital’s following strengths: “strong servicing track record”, “established system that ensures the smooth transfer of portfolios by integrating its primary servicing and special servicing divisions”, and “its ability to report to investors and other relevant parties”.

A primary servicer is the front line in the administration and management of performing loans. Tasks include the collection of monthly principal, interest and escrow payments from borrowers, delinquency management, prepayment calculations as well as remitting and reporting to investors.

To discuss how Capital can help you maximize the value of your assets in Asia or if you are looking to invest in Asia, please contact us.

Our Services

Core Services

Special Servicing

Highest rated special servicer in Asia with a proven track record for consistently maximizing the value of our Clients’ distressed debt portfolios.

Primary Servicing

Industry leader in servicing commercial and residential mortgage loans for international institutional investors.

Real Estate Investment Management

Institutional grade asset management, advisory and brokerage services with strong local and regional relationships across Asia.

Supporting Services

Accounting & Administrative Support

Full support to investors slowed down by the difficulties related to differing tax regimes, accounting practices, administrative burdens, reporting requirements and the nuances of local regulations.

Back-Up Servicing

Capable of handling efficient, cost-effective Back-Up Servicing for any servicing operation in Asia.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporations cannot exist purely for the pursuit of profits. Even if this were desirable, it would not be sustainable. Capital Servicing (“Capital”) recognizes that to achieve true sustainable growth and profitability, corporations need to be aware of and contribute to the societies of which they are a part.

To this end, Capital recognizes the importance of understanding who our Stakeholders are, and of understanding who is affected by our business and how. Our Stakeholders include: 

  • Our Clients and their Customers
  • Our Employees
  • Our Shareholders
  • Our Business Partners
  • Our service providers including banks, insurance agencies and vendors
  • Government regulators
  • Industry Associations
  • Opinion leaders and news media
  • The communities that we do business in and the public at large

Capital is actively involved in the community through our Community Action Program (“CAP”), which seeks to improve the quality of life for fellow citizens, particularly those in need, in countries where Capital does business, or in employees’ home countries. We achieve these goals by prioritizing initiatives where barriers to employee participation are low and the most good can be done within available resources.


Executive Officers

Committed to your success in Asia and beyond

We have consistently demonstrated our ability to maximize investor returns across Asia, through our commitment to deliver international expertise and local knowledge from the moment our clients begin preparing to enter a new market, right through to the disposition of their assets. Let us help you maximize the value of your investments in Asia.



Daniel Shireman
Representative Director of Capital Servicing

Before joining Cap Serv, Dan had a long career as a securitization specialist, in addition to over fifteen years of experience in senior management roles at Japanese securities companies. He was the head of the Asian Financial Analytics and Structured Transaction group at Bear Stearns, where he completed Japan's first housing loan securitization. Later, at Shinsei Bank, Dan served as Head of the Capital Markets Division, with oversight over many business subsidiaries including Shinsei Trust and Shinsei Servicer. Then, as President and Representative Director of Shinsei Securities, his team issued more than 2.8 trillion Yen of securitization deals, and received twenty securitization industry awards. Dan also served as Deputy Head of Aozora Bank's Retail Group and was a Board Member of Aozora Securities. From February 2014, he served as President and Representative Director at Evolution Japan Securities.



The U.S. is home to Capital Services Group North America (“CSGNA”), based in Los Angeles and Capital Portfolio Services (“CPS”), based in Miami.

Capital Services Group – North America is our U.S. headquarters and provides investment advisory services to investors interested in distressed debt and real estate investment opportunities in Asia.

Capital Portfolio Services, LLC specializes in providing portfolio management, asset management and loan servicing in the U.S. to institutional investors, real estate investment funds, commercial banks, investment banks and private equity firms.

Press Releases

Should you have any questions about the group or its business please contact

S&P Affirms Capital Servicing with their Highest Servicer Ranking

Fitch Reaffirms Capital Advisory Services' Residential Special Servicer Rating

S&P Reaffirms Capital Servicing's Commercial Primary Servicer Rating

Fitch Reaffirms Capital Advisory Services (Thailand) Ltd's Special Servicer Rating

S&P Reaffirms Capital Servicing's Commercial Primary Servicer Rating

Fitch Reaffirms Capital Servicing With Their Highest Issued Japan Special Servicer Rating of CSS1-

Capital Partners with IFC and Tata Capital to Establish Servicing Operations in India

Capital Services Group Forms Strategic Alliance With Lacrosse Global Fund Services

Capital Continues Trend of Successful Ratings Reaffirmations in Thailand

Capital Servicing Forms Distressed Debt Deal Sourcing Partnership with FinTech Global Inc.

S&P Reaffirms Capital Servicing’s Ratings in Two Primary Servicing Categories

Fitch Reaffirms Capital Servicing With Their Highest Issued Japan Special Servicer Rating

Capital Realty Inc. Forms Business Alliance With Fintech Global Incorporated

Invista's International Fund Signs JV With Capital Realty To Launch New Japanese Investment Platform

S&P Assigns Capital Servicing High Ranking As Commercial Loan Primary Servicer

CAS (Thailand)'s Residential Special Servicer Rating Upgraded by Fitch

Capital Servicing Reaffirmed by S&P with Highest Possible Special Servicer Rating

Capital Servicing Receives First S&P Rating for Residential Primary Servicing

Fitch Awards Capital Servicing Highest Currently Issued Japan Special Servicer Rating

Capital Advisory Services (Thailand) Awarded First Ever Servicer Rating in Thailand

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Capital Servicing

Independent Asset Management Specialists

Our business imperative is to continually maximize the value of our Client’s loan and real estate assets. We accomplish this through innovative asset management and servicing solutions that offer a competitive advantage and exceptional results.

Capital Servicing(“Capital”) was established in 1998 and commenced loan servicing operations in 1999 as a licensed special servicer of Japanese non-performing loan (NPL) portfolios. In the following years as the Asian debt markets matured, we expanded both in Japan and other Asian markets and developed our primary servicing and real estate investment management capabilities.

As independent loan servicing and real estate specialists, Capital has managed more than US $30 billion in assets across Asia. Our broad, adaptable business model was developed with the concept of offering a one-stop shopping experience to our Clients. Whether they are domestic investors who wish to outsource loan servicing or real state functions, or overseas investors who have a desire to invest in Asia but have no presence on the ground, we have continuously leveraged our intimate knowledge of both local markets and global best practice to maximize investor returns. Most of our personnel are bilingual (English and local language), which gives us the unique ability to meet the needs of businesses in all of our locations.

Capital’s loan servicing operations are highly rated by S&P and Fitch Ratings and include the highest issued special servicer ratings in Japan.

Capital’s institutional grade reporting, compliance, internal audit and accounting practices follows strict international standards (US-GAAP, J-GAAP, etc.) Due to our total commitment to offering world-class service and anticipating our Clients’ needs, combined with our multinational intellectual capital, we are uniquely positioned to help our Clients succeed in any economy or market throughout Asia and beyond.

For more information on our services, or to discuss how our platform can add value to your Asia investment strategy, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Ranked Independent Servicing Platform in Asia

Capital Servicing has been highly ranked by multiple independent rating agencies since 2001. Currently, the servicing operation has S&P Global’s highest possible ranking for special servicing.

Rating agencies assess all aspects of a servicer's operations including management and organization, servicing track record, staff experience, investor reporting capabilities, systems, internal controls, and financial position, among others. As such, they represent an objective and independent measure of the strength of our company.

To view the current report please click below.

Commercial Special Servicer

S&P Rankings Japan 2012

S&P Global’s Ranking Highlights

  • A strong servicing track record
  • Strong servicing experience of its management team and other employees
  • Detailed and comprehensive policies & procedures
  • An excellent computer system that boosts operational efficiency
  • Ability to report to investors, trustees and other relevant parties

S&P Global use a five point scale from "Strong" to "Weak".

Competitive Advantage

Capital Servicing ("Capital") is an industry leader in loan servicing and asset management. Our combination of global best practice and intimate knowledge of local markets gives us our competitive edge and sets us apart from the pack. Our key strengths include:

Experienced & Accomplished

  • Over US $30 billion in loan and real estate assets managed across Asia since 1998.
  • A multicultural makeup and diverse skill sets of management and staff gained through years of international experience in their respective fields.

Independently Owned and Operated

  • We fully leverage our neutrality, being unfettered by corporate or parent bank affiliations, to provide comprehensive and independent services.

Highly Rated

  • We have consistently been assigned high ratings by independent rating agencies in Japan since 2001, including the highest special servicer rating in Japan since 2006.

One-Stop Shopping

  • Our wide spectrum of loan servicing and real estate capabilities combined with local partnerships allow us to provide a complete service to our Clients.

Portfolio reporting the way you want it, when you want it

  • Capital utilizes state-of-the-art technology and systems, including SCORE (integrated asset management and loan servicing system), which provides robust custom reporting and analytics in preferred language.
  • Adherence to international accounting and reporting standards (USGAAP, JGAAP compliant).

Strong Internal Control Infrastructure

  • Heavy investment into local and regional corporate governance and risk management infrastructure to mitigate risk and ensure compliance with all legal responsibilities and obligations.
  • Comprehensive and detailed policies and procedures

Competitive Pricing

  • We offer competitive fee structures which align interests and best fit client needs. In some cases, Capital is willing to co-invest in ventures to ensure that incentives are matched.

Deal Sourcing

  • Through our regional network and strong relationships with local and regional banks, investment firms, accountancy firms, law firms and other partners, we can provide deal sourcing and pipeline opportunities throughout Asia.

To discuss how Capital can help maximize the value of your assets or if you are looking to invest, please contact us.


Capital Servicing Co., Ltd. and Capital Advisory Japan Inc. are both headquartered in Tokyo.

Capital Servicing Co., Ltd. is a loan servicer licensed by the Ministry of Justice in Japan (license number 23) and operating in strict compliance with Japanese Servicer Law. The company specializes in servicing real estate-backed commercial and residential loan portfolios in Japan.

Capital Advisory Japan Inc. provides real estate asset management, consulting, and administration services.


Japan is home to two of Capital Services's business entities: Capital Servicing Co., Ltd., and Capital Advisory Japan Inc. Both entities are based in Capital's Tokyo office, which is the flagship of the Group's operations.

Capital Servicing Co., Ltd. is a loan servicer licensed by the Ministry of Justice in Japan (license number 23) and operating in strict compliance with Japanese Servicer Law. The company specializes in servicing real estate-backed commercial and residential loan portfolios in Japan.

Capital Advisory Japan Inc. provides ancillary support, consulting, and administration services to Clients of the Capital Services.

Capital Servicing Co., Ltd.

Capital Servicing is an independent loan servicing company licensed by the Japanese Ministry of Justice in 1999 (Servicer License No. 23) operating in strict compliance with Japanese Servicer Law. Capital Servicing has managed billions (USD) in assets on behalf of our Clients and have a strong track record for consistently outperforming resolution targets. This includes acting as servicer for 24 securitizations (CMBS and RMBS) in Japan totaling over JPY 515 billion.

Capital Servicing initially commenced operations as a special servicer, focusing on asset work-out for non-performing loan portfolios, but as the Japanese distressed debt markets matured, we developed our primary servicing, master servicing, and back-up servicing functions shortly thereafter.

As the highest rated independent servicer in Japan, Capital Servicing is the model for all of Capital Services Group's regional operations. A multi-cultural makeup and diverse skill sets of management and staff gained through years of international experience in their respective fields allows Capital Servicing to cater to both domestic and international investors.

The company's strong track record is built upon cutting-edge systems and a strongly-defined policies and procedures. Capital Servicing has also made a heavy investment into corporate governance and our risk management infrastructure to mitigate risk and ensure compliance with all legal responsibilities and regulations.

To discuss how Capital Servicing can help you maximize the value of your assets in Japan or if you are looking to invest in Japan, please contact us.

Capital Servicing Co., Ltd. Privacy Policy


Capital Realty Inc.

Capital Realty has managed over US $1 billion of real estate assignments in Japan since 2002. We have deep local and regional relationships across Asia  and extensive experience in a wide range of real estate services. We specialize in office, residential and hospitality and our asset management, advisory, brokerage, and portfolio management services are tailored specifically for each asset.

Capital Realty is registered in Japan as a Dealer for Type 2 Financial Instruments Trading Business, Investment Advisory Services and Agency business and is a licensed Real Estate Broker.

To discuss how Capital Realty can help you maximize the value of your assets or support your investment needs in Japan, please contact us.

Capital Realty Inc. Privacy Policy


Declaration of Privacy Policy
Capital Advisory Japan Inc.

Capital Advisory Japan provides real estate asset management, consulting, and administration services.


Corporate Governance

Capital Servicing has invested heavily in corporate governance and risk management infrastructure. The A control framework based on the COSO model is used as a basis for performing risk assessment and risk mitigation. Capital also has an independent internal audit function, compliance committee, and strong legal and compliance function.


Designed to Drive Loan Servicing Performance Globally

All of Capital Servicing's loan servicing operations utilize SCORE (Servicing Company Operating and Reporting Engine), one of the most advanced asset management and loan servicing systems in the industry. SCORE allows us to efficiently manage NPL and performing loans on a single system and centrally warehouses all asset data, providing accurate, timely and consistent reporting to international standards.

Web-based with a multi-lingual user-friendly interface, SCORE was specifically designed with the vision of providing global servicing capabilities. SCORE has the ability to manage client investments through the lifecycle of the loan and can not only seamlessly manage various performing asset classes but also assets that are acquired as either distressed debt, non-performing loans, or as Real Estate Owned (REO). SCORE handles all aspects of loan administration, cash management and delinquency management and has robust loan setup features allowing front end setup of loans. SCORE's strength is its powerful asset management module to track work out status, business plans, cash projections, complex litigation, foreclosures and property level details and valuation history.

SCORE's Business Intelligence (B.I.) module powered by Cognos™ provides rapid data extraction and efficient reporting so that any serviced loan asset criteria could be gathered and easily analyzed for any historic accounting period. This technology permits customized reporting, allowing users to attain the precise information they want to view without having to sort through information they do not need.

SCORE fully supports servicing of the following asset classes:

  • Performing and Non-Performing Loans (Commercial, Residential, Hospitality)
  • Structured Mortgage Loans
  • Conduit Loans
  • Real Estate Investments
  • Real Estate Owned
  • Consumer Finance Loans

General System Features

  • Multi-language
  • Multi-currency
  • Scorecard - daily summary of critical tasks
  • Dynamic role based security
  • Customizable reference codes and pull downs to accommodate local process variances
  • Multiple compliance and audit controls
  • Precise reporting - standard and customized reports and query with SCORE's business intelligence engine
  • Online help & policies and procedures
  • Custom alerts and task manager

Special Servicing Features

  • Multiple loan, borrower and property environment
  • Detailed legal tracking
  • Easy to use templates and tools for NPL asset boarding
  • Borrower contact logs
  • On-line policies and procedures
  • Loan and collateral collection application
  • Surveillance and management reports
  • Detailed expense tracking
  • Default interest accrual
  • Business plans for cash flow projection and approval
  • Loan write-downs and balance adjustments

Primary Servicing Features

  • Flexible amortization calculator for scenario simulations
  • Sophisticated delinquency escalation module integrated with contact log
  • Customizable letter templates and phone scripts at both program and loan level
  • Flexible payment term setup through calculation patterns
  • Ability to track reserves and escrow accounts at the loan level
  • Ability to handle insurance billing and calculations
  • Third party billing and payment processing
  • Loan modifications
  • Supports loan sales and securitizations Index maintenance
  • Interest and payment review
  • Flexible late fee calculation and billing
  • Multiple calendar support
  • Custom alerts and task managers
  • Automated billing
  • Bulk loan upload and maintenance
  • Automated loan acceptance for originated loans
Contact Us

For more information on our products and services, or to discuss how our platform can add value to your investment strategy, contact us at

Capital Servicing Co., Ltd.
ARK Mori Building 31F
1-12-32 Akasaka, Minato-ku
Tokyo, 107-6031

Tel: +81(0)3-6230-5100
Fax: +81(0)3-6230-5220

Capital Servicing Co., Ltd., Osaka Office
Tenma Park Building 3F
4-14-19 Tenma, Kita-ku, Osaka City

Osaka, 530-0043

Tel: +81(0)6-6355-5140

Capital Servicing Co., Ltd., Nagoya Office
Unryu Flex Building Nishi-Kan 9F
2-1-9 Shinsakae, Naka-ku, Nagoya City

Aichi, 460-0007

Tel: +81(0)52-269-3690

Capital Advisory Japan Inc.
ARK Mori Building 31F
Akasaka, Minato-ku
Tokyo, 107-6031

Tel: +81(0)3-6230-5289


Capital Servicing is a member of the following associations:

Loan Servicers Association of Japan (LSAJ)

To discuss how Capital can help you maximize the value of your assets in Asia or if you are looking to invest in Asia, please contact us.

Special Servicing

Highest Rated Special Servicing Platform in Asia

Capital Servicing’s extensive servicing track record, workout expertise, international reporting capabilities, strong internal controls and state-of-the-art systems have earned us the highest special servicer ratings from Fitch Ratings and Standard & Poor's. Our experience covers non-performing loan (“NPL”) portfolios backed by over 14,000 commercial real estate assets (office, hotels, shopping centers, industrial storage, mixed use, etc.) and 26,000 residential assets located throughout Asia for our diverse clientele that includes leading international and regional banks, investment firms and non-banking financial institutions.

Commercial NPL Portfolios
We utilize strong local market knowledge and proactive strategies to maximize recoveries and mitigate risks. Our asset managers not only pursue strategies such as voluntary sale and discounted payoffs, but also explore, when appropriate, loan restructuring and business revitalization. This combination of creativity and experience frequently results in a win-win scenario; investor returns are maximized while creating the best outcome for the borrower. Fitch Ratings’ evaluation of Capital’s Japan operation stated we have “a highly efficient special servicing operation; collection performance of Capital is equal to or better than that of peer players; and systems designed to provide global investors with highly reliable services.

Residential NPL Portfolios
To date, the largest residential NPL portfolios under Capital's management have been in Thailand and Taiwan. Unlike commercial NPLs, volumes are much higher and individual loan unpaid principal balances are much lower. Capital has created efficient business processes that enable time-oriented resolutions that maximize returns. Capital’s Thailand operation has been rated by Fitch Ratings as a residential special servicer since 2007 and remains the only servicer rated in the country.

To discuss how Capital can help you maximize the value of your assets in Asia or if you are looking to invest in Asia, please contact us

Back-Up Servicing

Capable of Providing Back-Up Servicing for Any Servicing Operation Across Asia

Capital Services ("Capital") is able to perform efficient, cost-effective Back-Up Servicing (BUS) for any servicing operation in Asia. Loan servicing data is securely transferred from the servicer and stored safely on our encrypted servers, so that in the event that the servicer defaults on their ability to service any assets, Capital is ready to step in and seamlessly take over servicing duties.

Capital offers a wide range of Back-Up Servicing tailored to the needs of the client and currently performs BUS in multiple locations across Asia. Below is an outline of the levels of Back-Up Servicing which Capital offers, ranging from “Cold” to “Hot”. Cold BUS requires the lowest level of involvement from the Back-Up Servicer, and therefore has a longer lead-time prior to taking over servicing duties, and as the level of involvement increases, so the minimum advance notice decreases.

To discuss how Capital can help you maximize the value of your assets in Asia or if you are looking to invest in Asia, please contact us.

Due Diligence

Institutional grade asset management, investment advisory and brokerage services with strong local and regional relationships across Asia.

Capital Servicing provides institutional grade real estate services to foreign off-shore investors seeking on-the-ground support, focusing on maximizing investor returns and profitability. We have extensive experience across Asia in the acquisition and asset management of real estate to support investors who do not have a strong local presence and serve as a trusted partner to facilitate investment into local real estate markets. With a track record of more than US $2 billion in real estate transactions, our expertise covers not only commercial and residential properties, but also hotels and serviced apartments. This includes over 150 assets in Japan totaling over US $1 billion.

We take a hands-on approach by being actively involved in the entire investment process from sourcing to asset management to disposition, and our targeted cooperation with local real estate specialists allows us to tailor investment strategies around Clients’ needs. With a dedicated team of professionals, regional platform, international standard reporting capabilities and a proven track record, we are uniquely positioned to offer clients value added services that have produced consistently high returns.

Asset Management

  • We work closely with investors during the underwriting process and prepare detailed business plans
  • Our deep industry knowledge and broad base of contacts assists in the selection, hiring and oversight of property specialists
  • Approval of operating budget, leasing and CAPEX plans
  • Rebranding, repositioning, redevelopment and value add strategies
  • Manage all facets of asset insurance setup and maintenance
  • Provide valuation support when investors are preparing real estate business strategies and during the marketing phase of a property
  • Coordinate third party brokerage hiring and oversight
  • Comprehensive asset summary reports in preferred language

Investment & Acquisition 

  • Brokerage services for acquisition and disposition
  • Sourcing and selecting investment opportunities
  • Defining individual property business plans
  • Conducting the due diligence and underwriting process including financial modeling and valuation
  • Sourcing and negotiating debt financing and purchase agreement conditions
  • Monitoring tax structuring in coordination with lawyers and tax specialists
  • Managing deal execution and smooth transitioning to asset management team

Portfolio Management

  • Administrating property holding companies and offshore entities
  • Managing cash movements and distributions
  • Coordinating tax fillings, regulatory tasks and payments
  • Coordinating property holding companies' accounting and audit functions
  • International standard investor reporting in preferred language
  • Appointing and monitoring Fund level servicers

To discuss how Capital can help you maximize the value of your assets in Asia or if you are looking to invest in Asia, please contact us.


Accounting & Administrative Support

Extensive Experience Providing Accounting and Administrative Support Services 

Investors in Asia can be frustrated and slowed down by the difficulties related to differing tax regimes, accounting practices, administrative burdens and reporting requirements. Capital Servicing understands the complexities of global compliance and the nuances of local regulations.

From corporate secretarial, treasury and compliance related assistance, to identification and liasing with proprety managers, law firms, audit and tax accountants, we can provide the accounting and administrative support necessary to succeed in Asia, while at the same time ensuring regulatory compliance with international standards. (e.g. US-GAAP, J-GAAP compliant).

Below is a summary of the accounting and administrative support services we provide clients:

  • Accounting to International & Country Specific Standards
  • Entity Set-up and Liquidation (SPC, TMK, etc)
  • Budget Control
  • Tax Compliance
  • Cash Management
  • Payment Processing
  • Accounting Systems
  • Audit Support
  • Corporate Secretarial Services (preparation of BOD minutes, etc.)
  • Centralized Retention & Storage of Documentation
  • Oversight of third party service providers
  • Corporate Governance Services

To discuss how we can help you succeed in Asia, please contact us.

Real Estate Case Studies

A Strong Track Record Across Multiple Asset Types

Capital has successfully managed assets across multiple classes. We pride ourselves on our flexibility, professionalism and industry knowledge. Below are several case studies, detailing previous successes and showing our broad experience and proven track record.



Type: Hospitality

City: Tokyo

Property Description: 12 story serviced apartment with 69 rooms

Services Provided: Rebranding, Repositioning, Disposition

Strategy: From inception, Capital was tasked with the design development of a newly built serviced apartment conveniently located in Tokyo’s famous nightlife district and implementing services to appeal to the foreign businessman/leisure travelers. From the selection of furniture, fixtures and equipment, to the amenities desired by the overseas market, Capital directed the Japanese management company in the selection of products and amenities to appeal to the foreign traveler. Marketing the property to foreign business travelers utilizing global distribution channels and numerous online travel agents, which was unheard of at that time in the Japanese market, gave it a competitive advantage. Capital also reviewed performance reports and financial statements and gave appropriate instructions to increase revenues and minimize expenses. This along with savvy yield management led to a substantial increase in ADR and occupancy. After increasing the property’s revenue, Capital helped with the disposition of the asset to a Singaporean investor.



Type: Hospitality

City: Samui

Property Description: 5-star hotel, 70 rooms

Services Provided: Acquisition Support, Asset Management

Strategy: Capital assisted in the closing process on acquisition of the resort, managing the asset transfer, performing a physical check on the asset, and completing a fixed asset register. Capital reviewed and renegotiated / terminated existing agreements with 3rd party service providers. On taking over management of the property, Capital oversaw implementation of the business plan for the property, and monthly property operating statement reviews from the owner operator. Capital was responsible for oversight and review of all major contracts (e.g. major renovation work, but not regular maintenance). Capital conducted analysis on highest and best use of the property, and delivered monthly reports on property status and performance to the owner.



Type: Hospitality

City: Singapore

Property Description: 4-star hotel, 398 rooms

Services Provided: Acquisition Support, Asset Management, Renovation Management

Strategy: A four-star hotel previously run by a Japanese operator, Capital provided employee management support and worked with the outgoing and incoming operators for a smooth handover with little to no impact on the operations and staff departures. Capital managed the renovation works and upgraded the physical appearance of the property to cater to the brand image of the new operator and the needs of its clientele. Initial scope of renovation was to renovate half of the 400 rooms, however, after weekly reviews of performance reports and financial statements, Capital recommended that the performance of the renovated rooms when compared to the non renovated rooms, justified an additional investment to renovate the remaining 200 rooms. Capital gave appropriate instructions to increase revenues and minimize expenses. After increasing the hotel’s revenue, Capital was pivotal in securing its disposal.



Type: Commercial

City: Tokyo

Property Description: Office / Retail Building

Services Provided: Asset Management, Disposition Support

Strategy: This commercial property was located in a prime retail area in Tokyo where the market rent was maintained at a high level. Capital negotiated with tenants for a rent increase as the average rent of the property was lower than the market standard. In order to justify the rent increase request, Capital managed building renovation work including exterior wall washing, and implemented improved building management practices. This increased the building’s revenue, which was a major factor in its profitable sale to a Japanese investor.



Type: Commercial

City: Bangkok

Property Description: Two high-rise office buildings

Services Provided: Acquisition Support, Asset Management

Strategy: Capital assisted in the closing process on acquisition, and gave advice on the renovation project before monitoring the construction work. Capital managed the investor's investment relative to asset management, and performed investor accounting and cash control duties. After coordinating leasing offers and agreements with prospective customers and existing tenants, Capital was able to maintain occupancy at a high level while simultaneously increasing average rents.



Type: Commercial

City: Seoul

Property Description: 18 story office building

Services Provided: Acquisition Support, Renovation Management, Building Rebranding, Disposition Support

Strategy: After assisting the buyer in the acquisition process, Capital oversaw the renovation of the building over the course of two years, remodeling the interior to make it more attractive to foreign clients who demand the best quality office space. During this time period Capital provided monthly, quarterly and annual reports detailing the building’s performance to international reporting standards. After completion of the renovation works, introduction of new tenants and re-flagging of the building, Capital helped to negotiate the sale of the asset at a substantial profit.

Our Values

Capital Servicing Principles

At Capital Servicing Co., Ltd, we seek to build successful and enduring businesses for us and our clients by delivering innovative, timely, and workable solutions. With this in mind, we abide by these principles.

1. Evolve - Many of the businesses we have now are quite different from the ones we had ten years ago, and these may again be quite different in the future. One of the key features of the Capital Servicing business has been the capability of its people to master their domains, then adapt with the markets and shifting opportunities, innovating new approaches.

2. Cooperate - Our achievements to date have been collaborations between our staff, group companies, advisors, and clients. Capital Servicing fosters a culture where the ideals of respect, teamwork, discipline, and relentless high performance allow us to attract and retain talented people, and where we build trust with clients through honest interaction, straight dealing, and providing results.

3. Participate - Capital Servicing should be, and be seen as, a responsible market participant. To do this, we follow the letter and spirit of the laws, regulations, and Capital Service’s internal rules, and are guided by our Code of Conduct -- providing products and services suitable and in the best interest of clients.

Charter of Corporate Behavior

From our responsibilities to our Stakeholders come the foundations of our corporate governance framework, our commitment to compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, dedication of time and resource to charitable and philanthropic works, a commitment to minimize the environmental impact of our business, and a commitment from Senior Management to maintain the highest standards and ethical business practices.

Together with Our Values, the following principles outline our commitment to making this a reality for our Stakeholders.

1. Client Focus - From the moment our clients start preparing to enter a new economy or market, right through to the maturity, sale or securitization of their assets, we shall continually strive to deliver knowledge and expertise at the highest levels of service. We shall continually engage our clients to understand their present and future needs and shall continually strive to anticipate industry changes to provide forward-looking solutions that offer our clients a competitive advantage.

2. Ethical Leadership - Capital's Senior Management shall take responsibility for implementing this charter and raising awareness of it among employees. Senior Management recognizes that in order to give this Charter "life and substance" it must strive to exemplify these principles in both business leadership and ethical best practice.

3. Ethical Business Practices - Through our Corporate Governance initiatives, a commitment to compliance, our internal and external audit processes, our employee Codes of Conduct and by creating anonymous reporting communication channels for employees and other interested parties; we shall continually ensure that our business is conducted with integrity and honesty.

4. Respect for Privacy - During the normal course of carrying out our business, we recognize that we gather and hold the personal and sometimes proprietary data of our customers, clients and employees. We are committed to protecting this information and proactively take steps to increase and ensure its security.

5. Ensuring Equality & Freedom from Harassment - Beyond a commitment to ensuring local labor laws are adhered to in both the letter and the spirit of the law, we recognizes that the presence of a formal policy on equality and freedom from harassment in the workplace is to the benefit of all stakeholders.

6. Respect for Others - With Stakeholders from many countries and cultures, we strive to respect each other as individuals. In this way, we endeavor to create an inclusive thriving work environment that promotes mental and physical well-being as well as exceptional results.

7. Open Communication - Capital's Senior Management is committed to listening to the voices of our stakeholders to further promote and strengthen ethical business systems. There is commitment to ensuring our employees and other interested parties can contact us anonymously at the highest levels.

8. Responsibility & Recognition - as a company, we shall recognize and reward fairly those who seek, accept and manage their responsibilities in an exemplary manner, who work hard within our values framework to help us build a strong and sustainable business, and who achieve exceptional results through their own efforts or through the efforts of their teams. Further, we shall formalize this process as part of an annual review for all staff and managers.

9. Sustainable Profitability & Growth - Through adherence to this Charter, we shall seek to achieve sustainable profit and growth allowing us to operate to the benefit of all stakeholders.

10. Environmental Mind Set - We recognize that all companies have a responsibility to the environment and are committed to proactively finding ways to lessen the environmental impact of our business, big or small.

11. Community Engagement - We believe that every company has a responsibility to engage the communities in which it does business in with philanthropic endeavors. Our Community Action Program (CAP) is based on this belief.

12. Commitment - Where this Charter is found to have been violated, the incident will be investigated and reforms developed to prevent recurrence. Responsibility for the incident shall be clarified and disciplinary action taken regardless of the seniority of the violator. We believe in these principles, we will live by them, and we will enforce them.