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Community Action Program

Committed to aiding humanitarian projects in Asia and beyond

We believe that every company has a responsibility to engage the communities that it does business with through philanthropy. Our Community Action Program (CAP) is based on this belief. All CAP projects are proposed and operated by our staff with support and funding from both the company and staff organized fund raising activities. Below are some of the projects we support.

Community Learning Center
(Tohoku Japan Support Project)

CAP has partnered with O.G.A. FOR AID, a non-profit organization specifically dedicated to helping the victims of the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami, in an effort to provide long term support to the people of the Tohoku (Northeast) region of Japan. We established a much needed community learning center in Minamisanriku which lacked a space where local residents (especially those living in temporary housing and shelters) can come together to create new communities, where children can develop their minds and dream for the future, and a place that provides educational opportunities to residents of all ages. It features an internet café with 30 computers loaded with a variety of self-learning software (donated by Microsoft) and offers classes teaching English, computers, cooking, sewing, art, music and more. The center provides an environment that is fun, warm and engaging, but first and foremost, it provides educational opportunities to all residents devastated by the earthquake and tsunami. For more information, please visit


My School Project
Through staff-driven fund raising activities and committed company funding, we were able to help sponsor the construction of a school in a remote mountainous village of Chiang Mai Province, Thailand. In 2006, 31 staff members from our Bangkok and Tokyo offices traveled to assist in the final stages of the construction and have since built a second building to be used as a library with a solar powered generator. We continue to support it to this day by funding costs for its teachers, educational supplies, facility maintenance and other activities to help the children and their community.


Polaris Project Japan
Polaris Project Japan conducts victim outreach and provides hotlines and client services to the victims of human trafficking and forced labor. Based on their findings from work in the field, Polaris helps provide workshops/training materials for law enforcement and service providers and also conducts lobbying activities. We were pleased to be able to help Polaris Project Japan by supporting their operating costs since 2007 and offering our staff the chance to become better educated to this difficult and challenging subject. For more information please visit


Futaba Nursery Project
Established in 1900 as a home for children in need in Japan, the nursery continues its work to this day and since 2004 CAP has made numerous visits to provide general assistance and support with events providing financial, educational and emotional support to the children and the staff of the Nursery Home.

Shine On! Kids

Shine On! Kids (formerly the Tyler Foundation) is dedicated to making life better for kids with cancer and other serious illnesses in Japan and their families. The creation of the organization was inspired by the smiles and courage of Mark and Kim Ferris’ son Tyler, who spent much of his short life battling a very difficult-to-cure kind of leukemia. While the level of medical treatment in Japan is one of the best in the world, the area of patient support is still relatively undeveloped. Shine On! Kids hopes to redefine the concept of patient support in Japan to create a complete patient support system: from the moment of diagnosis, throughout treatment and even after discharge from the hospital. CAP has been a proud supporter of Shine On! Kids since 2009. For more information please visit