Capital Servicing Co., Ltd.

Capital Servicing is an independent loan servicing company licensed by the Japanese Ministry of Justice in 1999 (Servicer License No. 23) operating in strict compliance with Japanese Servicer Law. Capital Servicing has managed billions (USD) in assets on behalf of our Clients and have a strong track record for consistently outperforming resolution targets. This includes acting as servicer for 24 securitizations (CMBS and RMBS) in Japan totaling over JPY 515 billion.

Capital Servicing initially commenced operations as a special servicer, focusing on asset work-out for non-performing loan portfolios, but as the Japanese distressed debt markets matured, we developed our primary servicing, master servicing, and back-up servicing functions shortly thereafter.

As the highest rated independent servicer in Japan, Capital Servicing is the model for all of Capital Services Group's regional operations. A multi-cultural makeup and diverse skill sets of management and staff gained through years of international experience in their respective fields allows Capital Servicing to cater to both domestic and international investors.

The company's strong track record is built upon cutting-edge systems and a strongly-defined policies and procedures. Capital Servicing has also made a heavy investment into corporate governance and our risk management infrastructure to mitigate risk and ensure compliance with all legal responsibilities and regulations.

To discuss how Capital Servicing can help you maximize the value of your assets in Japan or if you are looking to invest in Japan, please contact us.

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