Capital Servicing

Independent Asset Management Specialists

Our business imperative is to continually maximize the value of our Client’s loan and real estate assets. We accomplish this through innovative asset management and servicing solutions that offer a competitive advantage and exceptional results.

Capital Servicing(“Capital”) was established in 1998 and commenced loan servicing operations in 1999 as a licensed special servicer of Japanese non-performing loan (NPL) portfolios. In the following years as the Asian debt markets matured, we expanded both in Japan and other Asian markets and developed our primary servicing and real estate investment management capabilities.

As independent loan servicing and real estate specialists, Capital has managed more than US $30 billion in assets across Asia. Our broad, adaptable business model was developed with the concept of offering a one-stop shopping experience to our Clients. Whether they are domestic investors who wish to outsource loan servicing or real state functions, or overseas investors who have a desire to invest in Asia but have no presence on the ground, we have continuously leveraged our intimate knowledge of both local markets and global best practice to maximize investor returns. Most of our personnel are bilingual (English and local language), which gives us the unique ability to meet the needs of businesses in all of our locations.

Capital’s loan servicing operations are highly rated by S&P and Fitch Ratings and include the highest issued special servicer ratings in Japan.

Capital’s institutional grade reporting, compliance, internal audit and accounting practices follows strict international standards (US-GAAP, J-GAAP, etc.) Due to our total commitment to offering world-class service and anticipating our Clients’ needs, combined with our multinational intellectual capital, we are uniquely positioned to help our Clients succeed in any economy or market throughout Asia and beyond.

For more information on our services, or to discuss how our platform can add value to your Asia investment strategy, please don’t hesitate to contact us.